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Rhiannon Lomax

Massage Therapist

Coming from a holistic background Rhiannon is a passionate believer in balance being the key to optimal functioning of mind and body. When she's not working Rhiannon is a keen member of the circus community and can often be found hanging upside-down from a trapeze or climbing to the ceiling on a rope. This personal experience and the access to a community of super-strong, super-bendy, super-dedicated people has reinforced for her the importance of maintaining a balance between strength and flexibility for optimal movement and function - for everyone, not just performers. Combined with her training in holistic relaxation and advanced clinical massage techniques this is now a key focus to her approach to treatment.

BTEC level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy. Qualified in complementary therapies, pregnancy massage, minor injury rehabilitation, kinesiology taping and hot stone therapy for sports massage
Has worked with a wide range of people on a self-employed basis, primarily treating the aches and injuries of construction workers, manual labourers and both amateurist and professional aerialists and circus performers. Recently also worked in a high-end holistic treatment centre offering relaxation and pain-relief solutions
Pain relief and pain science, body mechanics, optimising mobility, massage for maintenance, the mind-body connection

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