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DSE Assessment

Working safely with display screen equipment

What is a DSE assessment?

A DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment is important for anyone who in their job regularly uses display screen equipment such as a monitor or screen. They are alternatively known as Workstation Assessments, VDU (Visual Display Unit) Assessments and DSE Self-Assessments.

The role of a DSE assessment

DSE Assessments help you evaluate your workstation layout by considering the placement and proximity of your surroundings. These include your mouse, display screen or monitor, keyboard, furniture (desk and chair) as well as the general environment around you.

Poorly structured workstations may result in neck, shoulder, back or arm pains, as well as eyestrain and fatigue. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you undertake at least one DSE Assessment per year to ensure that you are not at risk of developing any of these conditions.

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DSE Assessment

DSE Assessment
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