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What is a Relaxation Massage?

Relieve stress and promote well-being

Relaxation massage is a hands on therapy using gentle manual therapy techniques to increase blood flow, release off tension and relieve stress. Relaxation massage will also help anxiety, aid relaxation, sleep and promote well-being.

60 minute Relaxation Massage from just £45

Appointments from 7am to 9pm

A 30 minute massage starts from just £29 and a 60 minute massage starts from just £45. Please note prices may vary by region. 

Why us?

Expert massage therapists available six days a week

 Massages at The Medical are delivered by expert physiotherapists, sports injury therapists or specialist sports massage therapists.

All our practitioners are chartered members of their relevant professional associations, so you can be assured you are receiving the best treatment from highly qualified experts. 

As well as undergoing a strict clinical assessment before working with The Medical, our practitioners receive regular clinical professional development. They are also experienced in making referrals to other clinical experts as appropriate. 

Award-winning, quality assured healthcare

We have been awarded the 'Clinic Management Quality Mark' and the 'Patient Practice Quality Mark' for clinical excellence and consistently exceeding our customers' expectations. 

We open early and close late

The Medical’s healthcare centres are conveniently located across the UK and easily accessible to work around your busy schedule. We open 7am to 9pm on weekdays, and also provide weekend appointments, so that you can be seen as soon as possible.

Massage service plan

What to expect from your massage service


1. Identify needs

The initial objective is to identify what you would like to achieve from your treatment. Whatever your needs, the practitioner will take time to listen and understand these fully.


2. Treatment in-line with needs

Once the practitioner has understood what you are looking to achieve, they will tailor the sports massage to suit your individual requirements.


3. Discuss findings

During your massage the practitioner will identify any areas that need to be addressed. They will then discuss their findings with you at the end of the treatment.


4. Treatment plan

Once your problem has been diagnosed, the practitioner will talk to you about the treatment options and a plan going forward designed to meet your specific needs.

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