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How office workers can benefit from a massage

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Believe it or not, sitting at a desk all day is a strenuous activity!

Think about it: a day in the office usually means long periods of time looking at your laptop, keyboard and phone, talking on the phone, and sitting in one position all day long. As the day goes on, we get tired, more stressed; our shoulders slump forwards, backs slouch and chins stick out. We’ve all been there.

The sitting strain

Our bodies are in perfect balance when we stand nice and tall. Regularly putting our bodies into a different position for hour after hour, day after day puts certain muscles under strain, and allows others to become lazy and inactive. Those muscles develop a postural “memory” which continues long after you have packed up your desk and left work for the day. If you’ve been sat with your shoulders approaching your ears all afternoon, that’s where they will want to stay!

How you can help your posture

From niggling pain behind a shoulder blade to a stiff neck, sore shoulders, headaches and migraines, correcting your posture can play a major role in resolving your pain. Stretching out and opening up the chest and shoulders is key.

Regular treatment from a qualified sports massage therapist is a fantastic way to achieve this; helping to reduce the pain and tension in tight muscles and, with repeated sessions over time, treatment will also re-awaken the weaker muscles to give you a more balanced working posture and long-term relief. Massage is also a great way to reduce stress, improve circulation and promote healing, as well as being very enjoyable!

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