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Gait Analysis

Using dynamic Footscan® technology with biomechanical measurements and kinematic patterns, your foot specialist analyses the way you move, walk and run.

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Dynamic Footscan® Gait Analysis Technology

  • Used by Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah
  • Evidence based Dynamic Footscan® Gait Analysis
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  • State of the art 3D-printing foot orthotics
Gait Analysis - Phits & Paula Radcliffe

The Right Diagnosis, The Best Treatment, Unbeatable Results

Foot related problems throw our whole body off balance, with the risk of injury if left untreated.

There are many reasons why gait abnormalities happen. It could be the wrong pair of shoes you wear when exercising that causes the dysfunction, to poor running or walking habits you fell into.

Most foot pain is due to faulty alignments of the foot bones and foot shape. This can cause bunions, toe deformities, pain in the heel, arches and balls of the foot.

Problems with our feet can lead to varying chronic problems with our lower limb, including ankles, knees, hips or even our back and our neck. Asymmetries or abnormalities in our foot strike and loading pattern can cause all these issues without us realising it.

These inefficiencies, with your lower leg body movements, come from issues including heel strike problems, pronation and overpronation when your foot rolls inwards excessively. It might be supination, when your foot doesn't roll inward enough.

You may be a forefoot striker where you land on your forefoot, toes, outside of your feet. All these conditions are related to gait abnormalities depending on your walking or running style.

Footscan gait analysis

Cutting edge patented dynamic Footscan® Gait Analysis

The Medical blends a unique scanning technology with world-leading, patented dynamic Footscan® clinical gait analysis. The analysis ensures our experts have the data required to make an accurate diagnosis exceptionally quickly.

Our treatment plans are tailored to your individual needs, after your gait pattern or running gait diagnosis. This combines hands-on treatment, one-to-one rehabilitation sessions in our gyms and the custom orthotics.

We use progress reviews to monitor your improvement with our clinicians. We re-examine, re-test and re-scan where necessary, comparing the gait parameters data with the information we gathered before your treatment started.

Footscan gait analysis scans

3D-printed Phits™ custom orthotics

Our revolutionary orthotics are the result of unique cutting edge technology. Using the patented dynamic Footscan® technology and biomechanical measurements, your foot specialist analyses your gait.

Using this dynamic analysis, your expert generates a design which we create using a 3D-printer.

The result? A dynamic, 3D-printed orthotic which takes into account the shape of your foot, but also supports the different pressure zones. It guides your gait in the right direction. This last feature is only possible with the patented Phits™ 3D-printed structures.

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Dynamic Footscan® Gait Analysis

Before we begin, the expert will discuss your medical history, and your hobbies/activities with you. They will want to find out if you have been experiencing any problems and, if so, where it hurts, how long, what causes it hurt etc. They'll ask about the type of running shoe or walking shoe you use, if you use a neutral shoe or a shoe with cushioning.

Using the patented dynamic Footscan® technology and biomechanical measurements, your foot specialist analyses your gait.

Depending on your needs, the Footscan® involves you walking, running or even squatting on a matt-like sensor called a "Force Plate".

The force plate contains 12,288 sensors (arranged in a 192x64 matrix) with a scanning rate of up to 200HZ. This allows us to measure gait professionally and accurately. Footscan® measures your foot biomechanics, balance, pressure spread and walking. The system creates an automated report from the results for you to discuss with the expert.

Once assessed, the system also has the capacity to create a custom fit orthotic tailored to the individual to help improve walking function, pain and performance should the individual require it.

Design and 3D-printing of Orthotics

From this data, our software, integrated with the Footscan® technology, creates a design. This design can be adapted to your specific needs or to the advice of the expert in helping you achieve your normal gait. A 3D-printer then transforms the digital design into ultralight custom orthotics. Afterwards the orthotics get a shock-absorbing comfort layer.

Phits insoles

Fitting the Orthotics

We fit the orthotics two weeks following your order in a one-to-one appointment, confirming the fit to your feet and shoes. Sometimes an adjustment is required, and we carry this out while you wait, ensuring the fit is perfect for your walking or right running shoe.

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All of our podiatrists are registered members of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

All of our physiotherapists are registered members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Our combined experience includes work with leading sports clubs, from Bristol Rugby and Bristol City Football Club, to international teams such as Team GB Lacrosse and Team GB Ice Hockey.

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