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Reformer Pilates

Equipped with Pilates Reformers, Towers, and a whole host of specialist equipment designed to enhance your workouts, our expert, physio trained, Pilates instructors offer a unique range of Classical, Contemporary and Clinical Pilates in our top-of-the-line studios. Book your FREE Pilates taster session today and start moving better.

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Unique classes delivered with clinical confidence

  • Reformer-based classes
  • A range of fitness classes to suit your needs and experience
  • Clinical Pilates for targeted specialist rehab
  • Our expert Pilates instructors are also Physiotherapists
  • Large classes (4+ people)
  • Small classes (2-3 people)
  • One-to-one sessions

Whether you’re looking to boost your general fitness, undergo specialised rehabilitation, or fast-track your goals, Pilates is the perfect way to nurture your body. Tailored progression is essential if Pilates is to be effective in developing healthy movement patterns. This is why Lyfe Health Pilates delivers better results, with physios taking the classes you’ll benefit from their years of training, exercise experience and advanced knowledge of the body.

How it works

Looking to improve your general health? Our Fitness Pilates classes are designed to relax stiff muscles, strengthen your core and give you that hard-earned glow. Or, if you’re looking to target a specific area or begin rehabilitation, our Clinical Pilates classes could be perfect for you. With three levels to choose from, you can progress at your own pace.

Our Pilates classes are for up to eight people. We run a range of revitalising sessions throughout the week, so finding a class that suits you is no big stretch. For bespoke support, one-on-one Pilates is a great way to focus you on your goals with a dedicated instructor.

Discover the world of Pilates with a FREE Pilates taster class. We’ll follow up with a one-to-one session to assess you and your goals, and help you choose the right class.

Classes available.

The Medical run a wide range of both fitness and clinical Reformer Pilates classes. Following your assessment, our experts will ensure you choose the class that's right for you.


Free Taster Class

Come and join a FREE taster class to get a feel for what Reformer Pilates involves

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Pilates Assessment

If you are keen to start a class, we book you back in for a Pilates assessment. During this appointment we run some standard tests to ensure we understand your physical starting point, and discuss your aims and goals. We'll also spend time on the reformer to familiarise you with the equipment in preparation for your first class.

Join a Class

Following your assessment we'll get you book on a class that's right for you. This could be one of our 4 fitness classes, or a a more specific clinical class allowing you to work at the right pace, in a class most suited to you.

Our Facilities

State-of-the-art Reformers in a purpose built studio

Expert, physio trained Pilates instructors

Your instructors aren't just Pilates trained, they're also chartered physiotherapists, which means that your in the safest hands possible.

Our Team

We have 3 experienced Physiotherapists

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