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Backpacks are not just for kids!

By Sumaya Ahmed 09.09.2016
So it is half-term for those that have children and the traffic is slightly less relentless for those that do not.  So often we... Read more

How to prevent a running injury

By Sam Wright 20.06.2016
Running is easy… isn't it? Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise and is one of the most popular in the UK.... Read more

Pregnant but in pain? Help is at hand!

By Rachel Knight 16.06.2016
Summer is definitely here, the lambs and calves are visible in the fields all around Bristol, my nose is streaming and my eyes... Read more

Have a healthy and happy holiday!

By Vicki Mackay 07.06.2016
You’ve bought your ticket, checked the weather reports and purchased your sunscreen but have you remembered your vaccinations... Read more

The Benefits of Massage on Distance Event Training

By Leah England 10.05.2016
So you have signed your name on the dotted line and you are officially registered for a long distance race, whether that be a... Read more