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If you're paying for treatment privately, you can choose to either pay-as-you-go or purchase an Appointment Pass for most services.

For clients who pay-as-they go, prices vary according to the experience of the practitioner and the location of the Healthcare Centre. To confirm the exact price of your appointment, choose your preferred clinic, and make your booking either online or by calling us.

We are also registered with all major insurance providers. Please note that excess payments maybe required as per your policy.

The Medical offer a wide range of diagnostic capabilities
Foot orthortic scan and assessment
Full assessment and measurement collection for 3D printed, custom orthotics
Was £74 - Special Offer - Free!
Gait Analysis
State of the art 3D gait analysis using the latest cutting edge sensors
Was £74 - Special Offer - Just £35
3D Movement Analysis
Includes set-up and 3D capture movement analysis of specific body sites
Posture Check
A 3D analysis of your posture
Muscle Strength Testing
Isometric testing to identify imbalances and weakness
Including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Therapy, and Acupuncture
Initial assessments
Includes an assessment Gait Analysis, and 3D Movement Analysis
Special offer - just £35
Report and Plan
A review of your results and assessment findings, with a detailed plan for treatment
from £42
Ongoing treatment
Hands-on treatment or one-to-one rehabilitation
from £42
Progress review
Includes a detailed re-assessment, 3D Movement Analysis and progress report
from £42
Choose from sports, deep-tissue, pregnancy, and relaxing massage
30 minutes
From £54
60 minutes
From £64
Equipped with Pilates Reformers, Towers, and a whole host of specialist equipment designed to enhance your workouts, our expert, physio trained, Pilates instructors offer a unique range of Classical, Contemporary and Clinical Pilates in our top-of-the-line studios. Book your FREE Pilates taster session today and start moving better.
FREE Taster Class
A taster class provides to see if Reformer Pilates is for you.
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Pilates Assessment
We'll discuss your goals and run some physical tests to understand your starting point.
Was £75 - SPECIAL OFFER - £35
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Private Class (2-3 people on request only)
Call to Book
From £27 per class
One-to-one Reformer Pialtes
Call to Book
From £36 per session
Custom Orthotics
3D printed orthotics bespoke to your foot
Available to pay in 3 monthly installments
Pair of 3D printed customer orthotics
2nd pair of 3D printed customer orthotics (if purchased at the same time as the initial pair)
Prices are for injections only - appointment costs are in addition
Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy
Non-surgical spinal decompression
Single treatment
Course of 10 treatments
Course of 20 treatments
Available in Keynsham
Pilates can help improve the strength, flexibility and balance of our bodies
One-to-One Pilates
A personal Pilates session with one of our expert instructors
Group Classes
A range of classes for people of all abilities
£72 for a 6 week course
Buy bundles of appointments to save money - a range of options to suit your needs (half dozen Appointment Pass only available in selected clinics)
The Dozen
12 appointment from £648
£54 per appointment (you save £120)
The 18 Pass
18 appointments from £810
£45 per appointment (you save £342)
The Two Dozen
24 appointments from £1,008
£42 per appointment (you save £528)

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