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How does a biomechanical check up work?

We carry out over 50 tests, from head to toe, measuring the stability, strength and movement of your joints, including ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. We analyse the way you walk, your balance and the performance of your feet. We also assess your posture and the health of your back and neck. We'll get you in


We'll collect your key health statistics such as Body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and Peak expiratory flow, as well as ask some basic lifestyle questions around exercise and diet.

3D motion capture and analysis

Using the world's first 3D motion capture and analysis system, we'll run a full analysis of the posture, stability, and movement of your musculoskeletal system.

dynamic Footscan®

Using dynamic Footscan® technology with biomechanical measurements and kinematic patterns, your specialist will analyse the way you stand and walk, allowing us to make an objective assessment on how you body is currently balanced.

Muscle strength and imbalance

We use industry leading technology that combines advanced sensors with real-time results and analytics to run a series of tests for muscle strength and imbalance across all the major muscle groups from your head to your feet. We can use the results to prescribe and perform isometric training to help correct any imbalances.

Report of findings & action plan

Following your Biomechanical Check-Up you'll get to come back for a separate 30 minute session to sit with your specialist and discuss your results one step at a time, as well as discuss any areas that are found to require action. The session will also include a recommended plan to tackle any adverse findings.