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What does the IDD Therapy treatment programme involve?

Patients are fully assessed before embarking on a course of IDD Therapy. This can includes a review of a current or recent MRI or other suitable scan.

IDD treatment is gentle and safe and delivered by the Accu SPINA machine. Sessions begin with some Thermedic infrared heat therapy on the lower back to warm up the muscles and ligaments.

Patients wear ergonomic harnesses which are connected to the pelvis and upper back. The machine tilts so that patients can get onto the treatment bed without added pain or difficulty. Once the patient is comfortably harnessed, a series of computer-controlled pulling forces are gradually applied at precise angles to gently distract the vertebrae surrounding a targeted disc. Patients remain completely relaxed during the 25 minute session on the SPINA machine.

At the end of the session some cold therapy is applied to minimise any temporary soreness which may be caused by muscles being worked in a new way.

Gentle exercise and activity are gradually introduced as treatment progresses as this is very important for long-term pain relief.