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Ben Rose

Senior Physiotherapist

Ben runs a professional social media page providing evidenced based physiotherapy information to patients. He has worked with international athlete's assisting them back to sport, this has been across multiple ages groups.

Ben has also competed to a high level in both cricket and rugby allowing him insight into the demands of the sports and the requirements of different positions affect the demands of the rehab.

He has competed in multiple half marathons and is currently training for a full marathon. When rehabbing runners he will regularly examine other factors including footwear, training structure, cadence and gait analysis to ensure he addressing all possible factors to ascertain the best result.

Also his psychology degree allows a greater understanding into the psychological side of injury and pain, allowing him to address patients as whole, not just their injury/pain.

MSc Physiotherapist, BSc Psychology
Post op rehabilitation, specifically knee surgery (ACL’s)

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