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Harry Brooke

MSK Physiotherapist

Harry participated as an amateur boxer for many years and was able to take the knowledge, self discipline and work ethics, and transfer into his studies and profession. He found this underpinned his theoretical knowledge and gave him insights into how he could help people in both the physical and cognitive aspects of their lifestyles and training.

Harry has a passion to pursue the best for people, having a very person centered approach where the professional team and the individual work together with a collaborative and empathetic approach which benefits people from all lifestyles, sports and ages helping to support the person to attain their own specific goals and maintain a healthy and happier life.

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, BSc (Hons) Sports Rehabilitation, Dip Sports Therapy and Fitness
Sports Injuries, Golf, Boxing, Football and Objective measurements
Nuffield Health

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