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Foot biomechanics, bespoke orthotics and a range of chiropody and podiatry treatments

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  • Latest foot analysis technology
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Biomechanics, treatments and bespoke orthotics

The Medical's podiatrists and chiropodists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb problems, from verrucas and corns to Plantar Fasciitis and knee pain.

We specialise in biomechanics. Using a unique range of diagnostic technology, including Gait Analysis and 3D Movement Analysis, we can develop a full understanding of how your feet are causing pain in your knees, hips or back, for example.

Often treatment involves foot orthotics – specially designed insoles – helping not only your feet but also your legs, back and overall posture. With our on-site workshop, we have total control over the shape and comfort of your orthotics. Any alterations are done quickly and free of charge.

A full range of chiropody treatments are available for all aspects of family foot health care with specialisation in surgery to provide long term treatment for problematic toe nails, and cryosurgery treatment for verrucae.

Podiatry is a medical speciality that focuses on the management of foot problems. Often treatment involves foot orthotics – specially designed insoles – affecting not only your feet but also bringing beneficial effects to your legs, back and overall posture. With our on-site workshop, we have total control over the shape and comfort of your orthotics. Any alterations are done quickly and free of charge to ensure that our expert physios have the images and information required to make an accurate diagnosis exceptionally quickly.

As part of a podiatry assessment, your gait is analysed on our treadmill, where we look at the movement of your foot in its normal walking or running action.* These results help fine tune the ultimate shape and design of your orthotics, giving very impressive results.



A full clinical assessment will be undertaken. We'll examine your foot and lower leg to check your blood flow, feeling, sensation and strength. We will identify any area of concern, including deformities such as bunion or hammertoes, muscle weakness and skin and nail changes. A follow-up bio-mechanical assessment may be undertaken in the same first session.

Biomechanical Assessment

If necessary, this will be followed a bio-mechanical assessment of the foot and lower limbs.

The podiatrist will make a diagnosis by assessing the alignment, shape and gait of the foot, to identify the cause of your pain. A video is taken of the patient walking to assess the gait of the feet. The practitioner will then provide a variety of tailored treatments.

During your assessment, our expert podiatrist may identify an issue with your bio-mechanics (for example a hip or joint problem causing you to lean on one side). If this does occur, they may recommend a specialist custom-made foot orthotics package


Following your assessment, you will be invited back to the clinic so that our podiatrist can fit your custom-made orthotics package. They will explain how the orthotics works and where/when to use it. This follow-up session is to ensure you are comfortable with the advice given and understand the necessary steps to be taken to improve your mobility, so be sure to take advantage of our follow-up sessions even if you don't receive a package.

During this stage, you may be recommended to one of our physiotherapists/chiropractors if the podiatrist feels that you would benefit from the treatment.

Replacement of Orthotics

After a year or two, you may find that your orthotics have begun to wear off and that you need them to be replaced. Be sure that you call us when this happens so we can book you back in for a follow-up to assess your bio-mechanics to see how your mobility has changed and arrange a new custom-made orthotics package to be made.

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All of our podiatrists are registered members of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

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